Reference Project: Palais Kees Graz

Palais Kees Graz

Annex and conversion of the former corps command ”Palais Kees” into a dormitory for students with 75 appartment units, administration, a bar for the students, a music room as well as the reconstruction of the attic in the main building, the erection of a staircase and an elevator in the courtyard.

The Palais Kees, having been the corps command since 1884, was built in 1843/45 by Georg Hauberisser senior for Johann Christian Kees. This very impressive high building with 4 stories, built in the architectural style of the late Biedermeier period, is considered to be the most significant building of the late classicism in Graz. Worth mentioning are details like the monumental colonnade front, the two square stone portals with doorwings of that period and the most nobel design of the gateway and the staircases. (source: ” DEHIOHandbuch Graz, Verlag Anton Scholl & Co”)

As the building is under a preservation order (being cultural heritage), the main focus was laid onto the maintenance and restoration of the impressive facade. Due to the same reason, attention was especially given to sensible planning of the interior design. The architectural office Harich accepted the challenge. After only 13 months of construction work under the construction management of Mrs. Dipl.-Ing. Siegmann, the project was able to present an excellent interaction between the historical building stock and a modern and contemporary housing style.