Reference Project: residential building in Graz

residential building in Graz

The dimensions of the two buildings are designed in a way that the gradation of the individual towers creates a common dynamic of the two bodies and creates a lightness and transparency in comparison to a heavy block building. These two buildings extend over three floors. The area is used exclusively for residential purposes. Due to the irregular support system, many floor plans are similar, but only a few are identical, so that a wide variety of residential types can be offered, from a Studio up to a 4-room apartment. Terraces with gardens are planned for the apartments on the ground floor and roof terraces or balconies are planned for the remaining apartments on the first and second floor.

Access is via a covered, external staircase from which the individual apartments can be accessed partly via terraced zones and partly via green and relaxation zones.

The basic structure of the building is massive, the staircase itself is clad with copper plates in a loose woven structure, which fits discreetly over the access zones between the railings. The vertical planting gives the building a relaxed and natural touch.
On the upper floors, copper climbing plants are used as the dominant façade elements, creating a harmonious transition between the paved structure and the open space. Climbing plants as natural, warm elements are also used as a guiding element in the interior, especially in the development.

Via the common access area, the residents reach the apartments along the existing footpaths. The central green space serves as a connecting element and creates a green centre between the existing building and the new one, which can be used for relaxation and as a playground. The connection to the outside is created by large windows.

The green and tree-shaded meeting zones serve as playgrounds and recreation areas, in the intermediate areas there are individual boxes clad in perforated bleach, in which the cellar spare compartments, bicycle parking spaces and garbage islands will be located.