Reference Project: International Cultural Centre in Graz

International Cultural Centre in Graz

Several aspects have been considered within this urban concept, including possible uses as a mosque, restaurant, offices, school, kindergarten as well as a sports hall. An atrium was formed surrounded by bridges, areas of water and green areas. The mosque was placed into the center of the six buildings mentioned above. The structure consists of a mixed system, partially skeleton-like. Due to the limited height of the stories, the whole design was kept rather rational and simple.

The functional and integrated units were formed in a constructive way as independent systems, which allow a modular construction. Concerning the architectural design, the focus was laid on a harmonious composition. This includes an integrated structural unit in the visual sense which leads through broad and narrow areas, incorporating the extraordinary flair of the place. The surfaces of the facades were planned with modern materials in combination with white granite and glazed ceramics.