Reference Project: Private Clinic Lassnitzhöhe

Private Clinic Lassnitzhöhe

In order to further optimize the quality of medical care, 20 million euros were invested in the expansion of the “Private Clinic Lassnitzhöhe”


  • 8-storey extension with 44 two-bed rooms in the west of the existing private clinic in stepped construction with dining room and kitchen, massage, group rooms, Meeting room, roof terrace, bed lift and escape stairs as well as garage
  • 7-storey extension with 20 two-bed rooms in the north of the existing private clinic with reception hall, social rooms, bed elevator and external staircase
  • an oxygen and fuel storage facility in the northeast of the existing building
  • Conversions and changes to the view through balcony additions and the like, car parking and traffic areas, retaining walls and noise barriers, changes to the terrain and announcement devices.

copyright photos: Porr Bau GmbH, Schiffer